Students are the Future

Humane Education for Petaluma Animal Services Foundation is charging into the new school year!   First thing up:  a Nose Work lesson in which three dogs will demonstrate to 31 fifth graders at Meadow School how effective dogs’ noses can be in detecting smells.  Comparisons between human and canine noses will be discussed, then the dogs—two of which have “titles” in nose work!—will demonstrate how quickly and efficiently they can find hidden objects!  This is a fun science lesson for students studying the human body to see how dogs’ noses are far superior to ours.

The next lesson on the books will be Dr. Matt Carter’s Veterinary Mystery lesson held at Sonoma Mountain School.  The demand is so high that we will be bringing this lesson to two sixth grade classes— a total of 64 students—in their multi-purpose room!  Dr. Carter will examine a demonstration dog that role plays being “sick”.  The students’ job will be to figure out which of four diseases the dog is supposed to have and why.  With audio clips of a heart murmur, visuals of actual tests and radiographs, this is a strong science lesson for fifth through eighth grade students.

Humane Education has come into its own.  The evidence of this is the fact that by mid August, fifty-three lessons were already on the books for this school year!  If you have a child in a Petaluma or Penngrove school, email your student’s teacher and urge them not to “miss the boat”. Our lessons are free and absolutely excellent!

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