Roscoe update

Every dog needs a bed! And every dog needs a home. Roscoe found his.

I’m grateful to Paula and Fred for opening their home to him for exercise and to play with his brother. You should have seen those two. They ran around the pool, fell in a few times, swam to the edge, got out and did it all over again. I tried to get photos or video, but I was laughing too hard and trying to stay out of the way. These puppies (that’s how I’ll always think of them) are rambunctious and big and gangly. When you’re with any of them, you just have to smile.

They started life almost 3 years ago on a concrete patio in Salinas. 32 degrees. No wonder one of them didn’t make it. But the other 11 found their way to my laundry room – now, forever known as the puppy palace. The rest is history.

But is it? I have a feeling these big brutes will keep showing up for play dates, or in need of help or something for many years to come.

For now, Roscoe is home and happy and loved. That’s what a dog needs.