Creatures of the Night

We at PASF are so incredibly lucky. We have such strong community support for our animals here at the shelter. As part of what we do, we rescue, assist, and release all types of wildlife in our fair city. Our commitment to the care and compassionate relationship with our city’s animals includes these furry, scaly, winged, and unusual friends as much as any cat, dog, or bunny. Some of the common animals we see here in town are: raccoons, skunks, deer, fox, a variety of birds, opossums, and even weasels! Many of the calls our officers respond to are animals like these that are injured or perhaps in a precarious place and need our help. For our officers, there is a different approach when encountering these animals. They aren’t typically animals that can be handled the same as a cat or a dog. Still it’s our duty to help these animals if they need us. We also have caring members of the community that bring some of these animals to the shelter.

At PASF, we are an ‘open admission’ shelter, meaning we take in any creature brought to our doors. The needs of these wild animals can sometimes be very specific. Some examples are: fawn that need to be rehabilitated due to injury, birds of prey with broken wings, snakes or turtles that need a helping hand or relocation, we even had a bear sighting in Petaluma a few years ago! Seeing as how these animals are not typical to daily shelter life, we depend on other agencies in our area to help. Fortunately in Sonoma County we have several great agencies that are available to help when the need arises. We work with these various agencies to give our injured, sick, or wildlife-in-need the best possible chance to survive. We’re so proud to work with these great agencies as well as many others in assisting all of our animals in Petaluma. Here is a handy list for your fridge:

•  Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue –  707-526-WILD (9453)
•  Sonoma County Reptile Rescue – 707-829-8152
•  The Bird Rescue Center of Sonoma County – 707-523-BIRD (2473)
•  Wildlife Fawn Rescue – 707-931-4550
•  Forgotten Felines (feral cats) – 707-576-7999

For us at PASF, we take our responsibility in serving all our animals as our mission. Our staff is dedicated to the preservation of life and integrity to all of Petaluma’s animal care needs. Please contact us immediately if you see any creature in need. Be it us or one of our agency partners, we will respond!

We would like to express a great big THANK YOU to our kind and compassionate community for your continued support for all our creatures, wild and tame.