No Dog Poop Please!

It’s Back-to-School season! And that means no more dogs on school grounds…

All summer long, these large green areas have almost begged to be run through, but now kids are back. In most cases, schools don’t like dogs on their property.


There are several reasons for this:

  • Feces accumulation
  • Some dogs love to dig, creating tripping hazards or even potential for ankle breaks
  • Many schools run daycare or after school programs, off-leashers can interfere with kids at play
  • For school administration it’s often a matter of liability, responsibility to the community’s children and their parents, and really an act of protection to prohibit dogs from school property

As an example, last year, I received a call from La Tercera Elementary. During the first day of school, the brand new kindergarten class was allowed some outdoor time. According to the report, almost every child in the class had dog feces on their clothes and shoes. That same day, during the after school daycare time, a man was in the field of the school. His large dog rushed at a cluster of kids causing them to run in fear. Nothing actually happened beyond that, but the potential was certainly there.

You know your dog is a good dog.

I, or any other person can’t make that assumption, especially a short vulnerable kid.

So thanks in advance for following the rules and keeping dogs off of school grounds!