Thank you

There are lots of thankless jobs at the shelter. Our volunteers are so instrumental in our daily triumphs and overall success. So, thank you, everyone.

One of those tasks is bookkeeping. It has to be done and it has to be accurate. On this Friday evening after Thanksgiving, after a very successful adoption day at the shelter, after the holiday is moving into the weekend, I sit down with the numbers and start to enter.

A $5 donation caught my eye. It’s not unusual for us to get donations of every size. Quite often, folks will round off their payment and call the difference a donation. We are thankful for every penny. But this 5 dollars is from one of our young supporters. His family fosters for us in their spare time. And they don’t have much of that – both parents work full time, splitting shifts so that this young guy doesn’t have to spend much time without them. They are a generous bunch. And 5 bucks is a lot of money to a young kid. That’s probably 5 weeks of allowance, only part of a movie ticket, enough candy to get you through that movie. It’s a big deal to a kid and it’s a big deal to us.

Thank you, buddy, for your generosity, for your example, for your great big heart!

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