More than a ‘Dog Catcher’

Our Animal Control Officers deal with diverse situations. Take these 3 trouble-makers! Officer Pietsch called it, “These guys are like a couple of 10 year old boys left home alone. They’re looking for the candy jar. As soon as we humans get out of the way, their mom will corral them back home and give them a stern lecture.”

In Petaluma, we share our suburban space with plenty of wildlife. Our officers are trained to help wild animals in need, but most often, that means, back away and let nature take its course. The animals have been here a lot longer than we have and they know what they’re doing.

But please call us if you have questions about how our human and animals worlds overlap and how we can all get along. Officer Pietsch and Officer Scott are here to serve!

Photo credit: Jason Pietsch, no animals were harmed, or even touched…, all in a day’s work.