Mama Cat

She was scheduled for a spay/abort on Thursday. But she went into labor on Wednesday, so I brought her home.

The night before, we’d been asked to care for a very sick cat. That ended in humane euthanasia and lots and lots of tears. “Mom, why can’t we save them all?”

Mama Kitty came into our lives in the nick of time. 4 babies quickly followed. And our house filled with peace and love. That’s not easy with 2 boys, 12 and 14, just a few days away from the beginning of a new school year. But they were my impetus for this whole thing from the start…

One summer, we were in transition – leaving one school to start another in the fall. I got the brilliant idea that we needed a diversion. So we fostered homeless kittens for the shelter. 6 months later, we took our first litter of puppies. And we never looked back. Many foster and rescue experiences later, throw in 2 foster ‘fails’  and we are back in the thick of it.

I would have it no other way. An animal in need touches something very deep in me. I’m sure a therapist could help me figure it out. But helping an animal is just the right thing to do. Teaching that to my boys by example is a natural extension.

Tonight, Mama Kitty stretched her little body up against mine, then returned to her babies, then tried to settle into my lap, then returned to her babies. Motherhood – a constant battle between what one wants and what one knows needs to be done.

Perhaps that’s our connection. Perhaps that’s my gentle reminder.