Lucky 13

Today, we successfully completed 13 adoptions. That’s a record for us. We are not a huge shelter, but we make a huge difference. Every one of these adoptions means something to the family who adopted, as well as to the pet who found a home. Because, for us, every single life matters. We don’t take heroic measures, but we go pretty far to make sure people can get matched up with their next pet.

From a business perspective, it costs us money to house these animals. From a human standpoint, we’ll keep them as long as it takes to find that perfect home.

So when our Little League team keeps winning and giving us a reason to offer free adoptions, we all sleep better. Pets find their homes, 12 year old boys hit their stride, Petaluma finds just one more reason to be proud.

Tomorrow is another day. When the sun comes up and the dogs get fed, we all know what’s about to take place at the Petaluma Animal Shelter: Free adoption day!!!

Go Petaluma! Go West! A home run for the home team. A home run for the animals.