10 day old kittens are just starting to open their eyes. Soon they’ll be on the move. This young family is in foster care with their mom, so the job of the human family is to let mom do what comes naturally. Even tho this mom, Crystal, is a young cat, she’s taking great care of her babies.

Crystal loves pets and comfort. The older her kittens get, the more she leaves them alone so that she can eat and get some lap time.

The foster family brought the kittens (and mom) into the shelter yesterday for a weight check. This is an important indicator of their overall health. If the babies are gaining weight, they’re generally doing well. We got the baseline: 2 are 7 ounces, 2 are 8 ounces. When they come back in about a week; we’ll see what they’ve gained.

And now, one of the funnest parts of being a foster – choosing names. Mom is Crystal. Baby girl is Emerald. Help us name the 3 boys!