We are pleased to introduce the “Hope Fund.” This fund pays for lifesaving veterinary care for Petaluma’s homeless animals. It is named after Hope a gray and white kitten who came to us, found at a local manufacturing plant.

The story began when we received a call about a “mangled kitten” that needed rescue.  Animal Control Officer Jason Pietsch rushed to the plant and skillfully rescued the kitten. His rear leg had been crushed in some machinery and his eyes were closed from infection. Officer Pietsch brought him to our clinic at the shelter and he was seen by Dr. Lea Bove and staff. He was quickly cleaned up and assessed. Dr. Bove determined he needed surgery to remove the leg but he was very small to undergo such a surgery. We had no choice; he had to have the leg removed.

Hope came through the surgery ok but immediately afterward his tiny heart stopped beating. Dr. Bove and staff quickly switched gears from surgery team to trauma team. She proceeded to work on restarting his heart while staff performed CPR. I watched as they squeezed his tiny chest and pumped air into his lungs for about 5 minutes. Finally he started to breathe on his own. We were all relieved but worried he might have brain damage. A staff member took him home and nursed him back to health. Hope is now strong and playful. He has no idea that he is any different than the other kittens.

Hope embodies exactly what we want to provide to every animal that comes to our shelter – the chance to live. We do not want to ever have to say no to treatment that is necessary for our animals. This of course costs money. Our veterinary fund is our single largest cost in terms of budget items, and the most critical to the health of our animals.
Will you please take the time now to write a check to support the “Hope Fund?”

As always we appreciate the love and support you continue to show the animals that many have forgotten. Together we will reach a day where all animals are valued and appreciated.

Thank you for caring,

Jeff Charter

Executive Director PASF

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