From the Executive Director, October 2013

I am humbled at the close of our first year. Humbled by the response from the public we serve, humbled by the amount of caring people that step forward in times of need, humbled by the volunteers that come and give so freely of their time and talents, and finally, humbled by the faces of so many animals that cross our threshold in Petaluma.

I recently read an article by a local Petaluma resident that was published in the SF Chronicle in which she described rescuing a Katrina dog and how this dog has enhanced her life. Something about the story immediately took me to my favorite childhood friend, a dog named Trixie. Trixie was a brindle and white Pit Bull and would explode with a full body wag every day when I came home from school. When I read the article I could feel her coarse hair, smell her scent like I was right there on my Mom’s kitchen floor again, rolling around with Trixie as she tried to lick my face and I tried to avoid her tongue while laughing hysterically. No matter what I did she loved me completely and without reservation. She was happy to see me every day. That is what pets do for us. Love without regret or reservation.

So many times this year I have watched as a pet found that person for them and the person matched up with the pet. I am humbled most by those moments. I am thankful to the volunteers, staff and donors that make those moments possible. Will you take a moment and consider making a donation in honor of a pet that made a difference in your life? Together we CAN save them all.

All my best,
Jeff Charter
Executive Director