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For nearly five years, we have been building a dynamic program of humane education lessons for our Petaluma and Penngrove schools.  From a simple start of a few different lessons, we now offer ten classroom experiences, from dog safety to disaster preparedness for pets, to classroom experiments connecting dogs to wolves, to an experience of being a “vet” and figuring out a mystery disease.  During the 2012-13 school year, we taught nearly 1500 local students in day classes, after school programs, Bible Camp and Girl Scout Troop settings. Not only are our lessons free of charge, but each one has been designed to meet State Teaching and Core Standards so that we provide a quality educational program that is fun for the student AND includes demonstration animals to help teach the concepts!  Don’t miss this great opportunity!  See how we combine learning + animals to give your students an engaging, educational experience.

Feedback from Local Teachers

“This was fantastic!  The kids were completely engaged and I love the vocabulary focus” (Vet Lesson/ (Science in the Real World, Meadow School, Fifth Grade)

“The children learned so much.  I would highly recommend this program to all preschools” ( Best Friends, Tiny Tots Preschool)

“The presentation was excellent.  High interest and engagement” (Dogs with Jobs, Mary Collins at Cherry Valley School, Sixth Grade)

“Great program!  Excellent information and well organized presentations” (Be Prepared!  Disaster Preparedness for Pets, Cinnabar School, Fourth Grade

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Why Humane Ed: Character Development
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