A Senior Moment

Victor Hugo once said “When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age.” Such is the case with senior dogs. Seniors are indeed adorable, and make excellent companions. Gone are the days of adolescent mayhem in favor of slower walks, a nap in a sunny spot, and quiet adoration. Senior dogs seem to appreciate, and understand their good fortune in finding a soft place to land.

The number one fear we hear from potential senior adopters is scary vet bills, which is a valid concern. Addressing this concern, we do a thorough job in analyzing senior health challenges, if any, and deal with medication, tests, and long term needs of the dog in question.  We’ve had seniors who need minor and inexpensive thyroid medication, or, an overdue surgery (which we provide), who go on to live a happy life with a new family.  Every dog is different, and we do all we can to ensure our adopters understand the medical needs of a senior pet.

Life expectancy is another troubling concern. Why would anyone adopt an animal who may not live very long? Nobody knows how much time we have on earth, and same goes for senior dogs.  The rewards of adding a senior to your life are seen on a daily basis- today; you have a grateful, loving companion, who needs what you have to give.

Seniors are a great choice for many folks, as their personalities are often calm, sweet, social and easy! Adding a senior to your household is a special and often transforming experience. There’s something beautiful about opening your heart and home to a dog in need of a safe and loving retirement home.

Valerie Fausone, Training Center Director